In October we learnt about Fruits and Vegetables. Kids had chance to taste, touch, smell and distinguish the real fruits and vegetables their skin, size etc. and speak about them.
During practical life activities we learnt that before eating fruits and vegetables are washed. They had chance to use knife to cut them into pieces and make a real fruit shake.

Maths activities were connected with counting fruits and vegetables. We learnt what is “half” and Match half and Full Fruits. We had number “2” and oval shape.
Orange was the colour of the month.

Language: We learnt: Letter “O” for orange.
We learnt how to cook vegetable soup and during that activity kids had an idea to go to the market and buy vegetables they needed to cook soup. We support that idea and decided to develop curriculum and make a market stole. Here kids learnt how to behave at the market,how to pay for the things they bought.
During October month we focused on the concepts how to express emotions rather than hitting or throwing first. We talked about taking turns and how we feel every day. Kids supported their learning by making faces and portraits from natural materials.

The last two weeks of October we had Halloween Theme.

What were our favourite in October:
Oliver’s Vegetables
Oliver’s Fruit Salad
Hanna’s Surprise (From this book kids learnt about Africa and some tradition of that continent. They should be able to find Africa on the map say few words about the climate and animals of that continent).

I like apples and bananas.
Jonny, Jonny……..
Incy Wincy spider

Halloween books:
Mr. Tickle and the Scary Halloween
Wake up Do Lydia Lou
The Witch’s House
Songs and poems
Halloween songs and poems

Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate
A lonely pumpkin
These plays were supported by scene decoration and costumes.

During Halloween weeks we had a lot of practical life, science and sensory activities.

We finished our month having a Halloween party.

Snap shorts of our Month:

— Tanya

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