Themes in our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is organized into themes. When new theme comes there are always big changes on our shelves and boards.

Gardening – Week 31

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Flowers and insects – Week 35 & 36

More photos and info on

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Pond life – Week 32

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Spring – Week 23, 24, 25, 26

Water cycle

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St. Patricks’s day – Week 22

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Dental Care – Week 21

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weeks 22-23 February

Penguins in their natural environment Watch videos about Penguins The best way for the kids to get to know what these penguins are like – other than visiting them in real life, of course – was to see them in action. I found several youtube videos that were short but interesting for the kids. Baby Penguins first steps Emperor Penguins in Antarctica 5 Little Penguins Children’s Song Lots of Penguins.

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Valentine’s Day – Week 20

week 21 - February

St. Valentine’s week activities Shape of the week – Heart AColour of the week – pink Activities

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Arctic & Antarctic Animals – Week 17, 18, 19

weeks 19-20 - January / February

With winter being upon us, I planned a series of learning activities about Arctic animals. Arctic animals are those that live in the Arctic region of the world. The Arctic region is located in the northernmost part of the Earth. It consists of the Arctic ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, Alaska, and a few Nordic countries. The animals that live in this region for all or part of the.

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Winter – Week 14, 15, 16

weeks 16-18 - January

Its winter and we still have grass in Ireland!
No snow!
However, I’m in the mood for snow.
So we’re going to have a little fun with some snow activities!
Get crafty! Get creative! Learn a little!
Or just have fun with these…

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Christmas – Week 12 & 13

weeks 13-15 December

On our shelves – December. Our theme for December is, of course Christmas. I just love this time of year and I really enjoy bringing the feel of the season into classroom. There’s red and green everywhere you look. Songs, which we sing during circle time. Practical life activities. Christmas tree decoration Wrapping presents. Spooning ornaments Tonging Tweezing

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Autumn – Week 9, 10, 11

weeks 10-12 November

Introduction to the theme. Songs that we sing during Autumn. Story about Leafy Practical life Language Math Colour of the week – brown Science Art & Craft We have been very busy during last 4 weeks. Our theme has been Autumn. What makes Day and Night. After we read through What Makes Day and Night, we spent some time in the dark room! First I held the flash light and.

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Halloween – Week 8

weeks 7 & 8 - October

MORE activities in these theme on Blog page Introduction to the theme We read the book – “MY FAVOURITE PUMPKIN” and sang the action song. Practical life Washing the pumpkin Tweezing Spooning pumpkin seeds   Halloween soup Dry pouring Lasing Cutting Matching colours     Language Letters of the week Feelings Pumpkin as an inset Pre-writing activities Colouring Pumpkins in different colours How does the Jack O’Lantern feel? Sand Paper.

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Fruits and Vegetables – Week 5, 6, 7

weeks 5 & 6 - October

This is a great theme to do in the fall when many families harvest foods from gardens and grocery stores have lots of local produce for sale. Learning about fruits and vegetables can help promote healthy eating habits as well! More about activities from this theme you can find on BLOG PAGE Introduction to the theme We started with real fruits and vegetables. we learnt their names. Children had chance.

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Apples – Week 3 & 4

weeks 3 & 4 September

An apple theme is always a hit! Kids love to eat them and there is so much you can do with an apple. They lend themselves to many different science and discovery activities and cooking fun! This is a great theme to explore in the fall. We started with apple tasting. I showed the students a four varieties of apples (red delicious, yellow delicious, granny smith, and gala) and asked.

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Back to school – Week 1 & 2

Weeks 1 & 2 - September

During first two weeks of the school year I like to keep the environment very basic. Children are getting used to the new place, friends, rules and teacher. Starting pre-school is the next step in their life and very often it is quite hard for them, as they are separated from their parents for the first time. Activities There is still warm outside and some of us have just come.

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