What Other Parents Have To Say

Mi Casa Montessori Pre-School I consider one of the best in Dublin. The unique atmosphere and warmth of this pre-school parents give us a sense of certainty about the level of care for our little ones.

— Aneta Stasiuk

There’s many “children storages” – not pre-schools, in Dublin. Mi Casa is totally different. Children learn, have fun and feel really very happy there. Their huge smiles are the best recommendation to put your children to Mi Casa too. The best, professional teachers with big hearts and heads full of ideas!!! I don’t know better pre-school in Dublin!

— Agata Bizuk

My husband and I believe in the outstanding quality of Montessori education – our son completed preschool in the Montessori environment. We are delighted with our experiences at Mi Casa Montessori Pre-School, and we are thankful that Tanya and her school had a role in our lives. We will never forget our time there, nor will we forget our dear teacher and friend, Tanya.

— Olga

My son flourished under Mi Casa Montessori care. We noticed significant improvements in his behaviour, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, independence & social skills. I would not hesitate to recommend Mi Casa Montessori to anyone looking for a quality Montessori education for their child. It is a wonderful community to be a part of.

— Sarmat’s Parents

Tanya abides by the Montessori principle of “follow the child” – when it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. She respects the abilities of each student, adjusting accordingly to ensure everyone learns at the pace appropriate to their abilities, without compromising on how much or what they learn.

— Eva

The small class size at Mi Casa Montessori allows Tanya to focus on the individual child while also developing important skills they need when working together as a group. They appreciate music and arts, engage in nature, practice leadership, and play outside. The kids develop their love of learning in a safe and stimulating environment, true to the Montessori method. The order of the day provides an opportunity for individual contemplation, work with others, and play with others. Tanya, her pre-school and the Montessori method have become an important part of my son’s lives.

— Marta Duarte

A welcoming place, my wife and I felt at home upon our first visit to Mi Casa Montessori. Meeting Tanya convinced us this would be the best place for our son. There are so many wonderful things about this school, from the work to the warmth and comfort. Most definitely, Tanya is the heart and soul of her Montessori! She is an attentive, loving, well-organized teacher. She fosters an atmosphere of kindness and respect. Her love for learning is clear in her excitement in her students’ achievements and insights, and I see every day how this in turn encourages and increases my children’s natural joy of learning. I highly recommend Mi Casa Montessori. I find that it is a great learning environment for our son.

— Airita & Ivars