September 2017

September 2017

What did we learn during that period of time?

We have many fun activities planned for our first months of school. We have spent September month learning about school, its rules, good manners and how to behave during the circle time, lunch time etc. During the circle time we learnt about the days of the week, dates, months, seasons. We can speak about the weather and how to dress up if the weather changes. Kids learnt how to dress up themselves. The boys and girls have done a great job of adjusting to our daily routine.

September Themes

An Apple theme is always a hit! Kids love to eat them and there is so much you can do with an apple. They lend themselves to many different science and discovery activities and cooking fun! This is a great theme to explore in Autumn. We started with apple tasting. I showed the children a four varieties of apples (red delicious, yellow delicious, granny smith, and gala) and asked which apples they’d like to try.


Children tasted each apple – first we discussed the flavour and texture of the apple – then they decided whether apples were sweet or sour. All apples have different tastes, no matter the colour or variety, all apples have similarities, like seeds, core, flesh, skin, etc.

During practical life activities we learnt how to cut, wash apples, tweezers, and tong apples.


The Math and Number Concepts Area encourages exploration of a concepts related to maths, as well as, literacy. During exploration with toys, games, and other tools found in this area, children are opening themselves up for many literacy rich activities. They are able to practice counting, sequencing, matching, sorting, and classifying, all of which support their literacy development as they sharpen their visual discrimination skills, and build their understanding of important concepts used for comprehension and reading. Children are exposed to print and use language when they manipulate a range of different games, toys, and puzzles found in this area. We learnt about “Same” and “different”, and “which comes next” patterns.


Kids were able to investigate parts of an apple and learned about an apple’s skin, stem, leaves, core, and seeds. We also spoke about “How the apple grows”

Germs are not for sharing.

Here we learnt: Cough and nose blowing etiquette,correct hand washing procedures,how to do the cover cough activity, about kind of germs.


We learnt letter “A” for apple and words which begin with that letter


We learnt number “1” and circle shape.

The colours of the month were : red and yellow

What were our favourite in September:

Songs: September greeting songs, Weather song, Parts of the day, Days of the week, Apple poems.
Max and the School dinner
Max and the Magic Word
The first Day of School
Germs are not for sharing
The very Helpful Hedgehog
The Apple Pie Tree
How the Apples Grow

During September month we practice our fingers and every day we had Our Finger Gym:


— Tanya

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