About us

“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”- Maria Montessori

Our philosophy of Early Years’ Care and Education

Our philosophy outlines my beliefs and the rationale that informs school practices. Our Philosophy has developed from our experiences of running the school, feedback from parents and our knowledge of best practice in Early Childhood Education. We see each child as an individual with potential in addition to specific needs, interests and strengths. Each child has the right to equal opportunities to grow and develop regardless of factors such as gender, culture, or socio-economic background. We support inclusion for all. Our expectations are appropriate for each child, considering their own level of development and specific circumstances. Following the teaching of Maria Montessori, we believe that children learn best through play and authentic learning experiences in which they have the opportunity to choose activities based on interest, display their own autonomy and share their knowledge with others. Through this carefully scaffolded play, they will build relationships, learn about themselves and embrace discovery as a key part of life. We believe in positive behaviour management and close communication with parents to create a warm and nurturing environment. Children will be encouraged to acknowledge and label their emotions before creating strategies to deal with these feelings in a calm and rational manner. This will promote empathy and resilience, skills they will need for life.

Parents are the experts on their children and the centre of their world, therefore working together with them is crucial to ensure their children flourish. They are encouraged to engage with staff at the centre in a variety of ways.

At our setting, we have created a safe, secure and consistent environment for the children, which is built and supported by trust, respect and a love for active exploration of learning regardless of their level of development or possible challenges. The environment where we work is conducive to learning for all – included the gifted and talented. Children’s play is the means through which they learn, and at my service, they can do this at their own pace developing strengths and enjoying the learning process. The staff are very experienced at facilitating this learning and work together solving problems through open communication. We celebrate successes, nurture, guide and support all children in their education.

The activities in the our Preschool are described in more detail in the section THEMES and classroom photos can be viewed in Gallery. Daily activities are described in our BLOG.

Due to GDPR restriction implemented in 2018 we discontinued posting new posts on the blog. Instead of the blog parents are added to the Private Facebook Group.

Service provided

Mi Casa Montessori Preschool provides a preschool service for children from 2 years 8 months to 5 years. The service may cater for up to 11 children

The type of service we currently provide is defined in the Childcare (Preschool Services) Regulations 2016 as Sessional.

  • We are open from Monday to Friday
  • Morning ECCE session 3h – 8:30 – 11:30
  • Afternoon ECCE session 3h – 12:00 -15:00


We are open for 38 weeks (183 days) from September to June with several mid-term breaks: 1 week for Halloween, 2 weeks for Christmas, 2 weeks for Easter.

Holidays are generally taken in conjunction with the local National Schools. However, they may vary. Detailed calendar and holiday details for every school year is given at the end of August.

Our Facilities include:

  • Large, bright, spacious rooms
  • Safe set-down area,
  • Outdoor space.

The rooms are designed in such a way as to meet the developing needs of each individual child. The children are guided through a range of educational and play activities at their own pace. Our teachers create a positive and secure environment where children feel confident in exploring their surroundings.

Child Staff Ratio

According to the Childcare Regulations the staff ratio at the school is 1 pre-school teacher per 11 children.