Winter – Week 14, 15, 16

It’s winter and we still have green grass in Ireland!
No snow!
However, I’m in the mood for snow.
So we’re going to have a little fun with some snow activities!
Get crafty! Get creative! Learn a little!
Or just have fun with these…

Here you can see what I have prepared for January.

Song we are singing now, and stories we are telling.

The Snowman song

Five little snowmen

Little snowflakes

Do you know my snowman friend?

Winter books.

On our shelves this month.

Size sorting

Sorting: snowflakes and snowman

Sensorial: Matching objects to their shadows

Language: Positioning – on, under, next to, behind, in front of…

Part of snowman – vocabulary cards

Winter cloths – vocabulary + matching

Winter elements – vocabulary + matching

Winter puzzles – simple

Winter puzzles – advanced

Counting winter elements

Stamping dots

Winter elements – matching with pre-cut cards

Cutting practice

Cutting practice

Tracing 1

Tracing 2

Tracing 3

Cutting practice

“Mitten story”

Video- The Mitten Story (opens in Gallery)

Material to the “Mitten story”


Addition practice

Tracing 4


Maths puzzles

Introducing the new letter S is for snowman



Matching the capital and small letters

Activity -Design your own snowman

Counting with pegs

Letter S practice

Beginning sounds

Which one is different?

Colouring mittens

Size sequencing

ACTIVITIES & Experiments are showed on Facebook Page under this link , and in Blog post.

— Tanya

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