Reopening 2020

Your young child has just had months of time with you at home. For many, there have been no other caregivers outside of your own family, due to the COVID-19 guidelines & restrictions. But now as communities begin to re-open you may be facing a major transition for your family again which is heading back to your childcare/early education setting. If you imagine this change may be hard for your child after months of “just you,” you are probably right.

Remember that this is not just a regular transition back to school. Most families had to go through and manage a lot of stressors—balancing work and family demands, financial concerns, worries about illness.
Even very young children sense when there is stress, change and new routines in the household. Your child went through this period of confusing
changes with you and now they are encountering yet another big transition—going back to child care but not as they knew it! Your sensitivity and patience are key ingredients for helping your child make a successful move back to their new look care setting.
This booklet provides some practical tips and advice for managing this transition with your child post-Covid.

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Section for Parents of children enrolled in 2020 only :

  • Parents Handbook 2020
  • Child Safe Guarding Statement
  • Covid-19 Policy and Response Plan

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